Antirust enamels synthetic iron

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Rust proofing paint solvent for iron and ferrous materials.

Finedin offers a complete range of primers and synthetic enamels can meet all requirements for the care and treatment of ferrous surfaces durable against the aggression of external agents and rust. Easy to apply, our enamels and rust color and give coverage to the highest technical standards.


Synthetic enamel aluminum for painting wood and metal.
Enamel for iron, galvanized surfaces, light alloys, PVC.
Dekolux Antico
micaceous enamel anticorrosion antiquing.
Dekofast Antico
anciening glaze fast drying for iron, galvanized surfaces, light alloys.
Dekolux Satine'
Synthetic satin enamel for wood and metal, high quality.


enamel fast drying synthetic multipurpose.
Metal Nitro
metallic enamel quick drying.
accelerating admixture for fast drying synthetic enamels.
Dekolux Nitro
enamel quick drying.
Fosfolux Extra
synthetic rust, orange red lead, zinc phosphate.


synthetic enamel of superfine quality.


synthetic rust traditional oxides of iron..
synthetic rust inhibiting zinc phosphate for galvanized surfaces, PVC, polystyrene.
Quick-drying synthetic rust, nitro resistant..
Antiruggine R.E.
Quick-drying synthetic rust, nitro resistant.

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