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Finedin is ISO 9001: 2008

Finedin is ISO 9001: 2008 to guarantee the quality of production processes. ISO 9001 is a kind of license on systems of quality management that certifies the company's ability to offer products that satisfy the customer requirements, as well as those of law, and intends to increase customer satisfaction effectively applying the system, processes for the improvement and the assurance of conformity to requirements.

Decree 161/06, Law on VOCs.
Finedin respects the dictates of the law 161/06 on VOCs (volatile organic compounds) respecting the values set by the decree. Transposition of this legislation led to the eradication of Finedin volatiles are harmful for humans and for the atmosphere in their products.

EN 13300, EN 15824 and DIN 18363
The EN 13300 determinate the wet abrasion resistance of the paintings.
Since years Finedin has been committed in making products that comply with international standards that qualify them.
Since 2010 the water-based paints have FINEDIN grading on washability according to DIN EN 13 300.
FINEDIN also produces products in conformity with European Standards EN15824: 2009 for thick coatings and to DIN 18363 for coatings potassium silicate.

Certified Products

FINEDIN produces EPOLUX AST 100/31, food painting certified for suitability to come into contact with drinking water according to DM 174/2004 in implementation of the various European directives for surfaces in contact with food as wine, oil, corn etc.

Painting encapsulating for asbestos cement certified for interventions of type A. It covers the support, incorporating the asbestos fibers and restores the adhesion. Transposes the matter relating to the processing of asbestos fibers Decree 494/1996.

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