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Environmental policy:

The Paint Finedin Ltd has always placed a priority to environmental protection and respect of the workplace for operators. Interest in the environment is for the Colorificio Finedin, more than a factor of image, a key part of its philosophy, its corporate commitment and industrial responsibility. For this reason, the Colorificio Finedin is engaged in ongoing research to improve the quality of its products and its production cycles in order to reduce the overall environmental impact. The Finedin Paint was one of the first to propose solutions in water-based varnishes and glues, since the '90s, and then the search has continued towards eliminating from their formulations the dangerous raw materials for humans and the environment. In 2009, the production has made in accordance with Community standards in respect of VOC emissions in the environment, zero VOC, solvent-free, hypoallergenic dedicated customer-conscious nature.

Finedin has started a process of reflection and careful analysis of their behavior by analyzing the entire life cycle of the product and identifying areas for the improvement that can actually bring a better solution.
Customer support through the organization of meetings and technical updates for product promotion and point of sale
Creation of gadgets and merchandising items (branded apparel)


For years Finedin has been committed to make products that comply with international standards that qualify them.
Since 2010 the water-based paints are classified on the washability according to DIN EN 13 300.
Other values of transpiration and water absorption for the characterization of materials for external and EC (European Conformity EN15824: 2009) for thick coatings.
Certification for Epolux AST 100/31 for eligibility to come into contact with drinking water according to DM 174/2004 as well as foods such as wine, oil, corn etc.


The management of the production process enables to minimize the waste generated in the production phase: the wrong products, in fact, are reused in small parts in other productions.
The Paint Finedin, from years is already using a system of recycling waste, not only of establishment, according to Italian law, but also in offices and common areas.


The commitment of Colorificio Finedin on the correct and rational energy use is a strong point. In 2012 we have been installed of photovoltaic panels for the self-production of electricity; Furthermore, sophisticated software control of the production devices to keep monitored the absorption of electric current during the entire production process.
These are just some examples of concrete actions that the Colorificio Finedin is pursuing in the years following those that are the signs of ownership and direction in terms of respecting the environment and people. The constant increasing attention towards the environment and the company's desire to be transparent to its clients on these issues so delicate, led Colorificio Finedin to engage with the market about the environmental product certification. This will lead to declare the market value of equivalent CO2 emitted during the entire life cycle of the product, resulting, therefore, a quantitative value of the environmental impact of the company. Once calculated this, the Finedin was given the objective of reducing each year the percentage of CO2 equivalent emitted during the entire life cycle of the product, working on suppliers of raw materials, the recipe formulation, production processes and logistics distribution.

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