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Resin floors for public places and companies.

Finedin producing and developing of epoxy resin floors for civil and industrial surfaces. Excellent quality, allow an easy processing and a success to the highest technical standards and market. They can be used in trade, tourism, health care, industrial and civil as our resin floors are suitable for a multitude of uses.


One-component semi-gloss finishing, acrylic floor.

Pavilux AQ 100/40
finishing flooring component epoxy water based.

Pavilux P.I. 100/200

Finishing component epoxy flooring solvent

Kotex 70

consolidating, polishing, anti-dust, non-yellowing water single component.

Kotex AS

Transparent certified paint for floors.

Epoxy Floor 1/1

Epoxy brilliant two-component paint.

Epoxy Floor AQ 4/12
Epoxy brilliant two-component water-based paint.

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