Marine paints for professional use

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Products and solutions for professional yachting and shipbuilding.

In addition to the range of paints and products for the recreational boating Finedin produces high-end products for the shipbuilding and shipping industry as finishing, primers, antifouling and special products. Specially designed for maximum performance on the boats, our products are the result of extensive research in marine.


intermediate bottom based on Chlorinated caoutchouc for professional yachting.

synthetic rust orange minium high quality.
Fondo K
synthetic rust orange minium.
synthetic enamel for professional builders.
synthetic enamel of first quality, for large boats.

Dekolux Coperta

synthetic enamel-slip for professional boating.
synthetic paint transparent for professional shipbuilding
Fondo K
synthetic rust orange minium
Bragozzo M
self-polishing antifouling paints opaque up to 25 knots.i.
copper-fouling paint.

Stucco Vulcano

synthetic stucco for the treatment of small imperfections
odorless water-based paint stripper.
Fondo K
synthetic rust orange minium.
Diluente S100
for the line of professional shipbuilding.
Diluente 530 RM
for fouling the professional range.

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