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Paintings for external quartz, siloxane and acrylic.

Our range of murals to external quartz-based, siloxane and acrylic are the result of years of research and guarantee coverage and resistance over time on the wall surfaces. The wide range allows you to find the best solution to the various needs that are proposed in the treatment of the external walls

Silical Finishing
mural silicate
Silossan Quarzo
siloxane paint with quartz

Acril Paint
washable paint stain
washable paint stain
Sandcoat Finish
matte painting, acrylic, quartz

velvety finishing stain

quartz paint anti crazing
acrylic satin
Plasto Quarz
matte painting, acrylic, quartz

Silossan color

mineral paint siloxane

Acrilgum trasp. e op.

elastomeric paint mold
Mural Quarz
quartz paint waterproof
Sandcoat extra
matte painting, acrylic, quartz

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