Paints and varnishes for food

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Certified Painting For Local Food Contact

Finedin produces paints for specific environments in contact with foodstuffs, in accordance with EEC Directive 93/43 (DL 26/05/97 n. 155) and the EC Directive 92/42 (DPR 14/01/97 n. 54) hygiene and self-control of the food, including the whole distribution chain.

Epolux AST 100/31
non-toxic paint for surfaces in contact with food substances. Vitrification continuous epoxy two-component. Decorates and protects structures in metal, wood, concrete, brick, precast panels, natural stone and plaster. For walls, floors, tanks, refrigerators, machinery and equipment in continuous contact with food of all kinds. Resists contact with acidic or basic solutions, detergents, hydrocarbons and lubricants. It is applied on epoxy primers, synthetic nitro-resistant or zinc plating.

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