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Products and solutions for small boats and pleasure craft.

Finedin produces a wide range of products for the care and maintenance of recreational boats. Primers, fillers, finishing, coatings and specialty products for boating and boat care to maintain the most pleasure craft of varying size and type.

Epoxy wood 100/50

impregnating wood with a high penetrating power
bottom anchoring for fiberglass, wood and epoxy primers.
Epoxy Metal 80/20
Two component primer for protection of steel.
Fondo Aprenol
chlorinated rubber with high thickness and high waterproofness
Plastiepox 75/25
two component epoxy intermediate thickness
Stucco Vulcano
synthetic filler for small imperfections of the topside
Bucciato Poly 100/15
Two-component non-slip finishing with orange peel effect
Resiepox 100/60 BA
Two-component epoxy resin with low viscosity
Epoxy Zinco 90/10
Two-component epoxy primer cold galvanizing.


to thicken, elasticise prepared based on resins.
Microsfere Antisdrucciolo
an additive for glass enamels and flatting
IsoPaint 75/25
polyurethane finishing with high corrosion resistance, non-yellowing.
SentiEpox 100/31
component epoxy finishing for bilges and tanks.
for RESIEPOX 78 / 22e 100/60
Epostucco 1/1
multi-component epoxy filler.
Flatting Marine
clear finishing brilliant, high-quality polyurethane
Antivegetativa Victory M
antifouling paint opaque self smoothing single component
odorless water-based paint stripper.

Epostucco 1/1 SL
epoxy filler superlight based microfibers and microspheres.
IsoPaint 70/30
Shining transparent polyurethane resistant, two-component
Resiepox 78/22 AL
component epoxy resin of high viscosity
intermediate chlorinated rubber high build, high impermeability
Diluente S/100
for ANCORAL, APRENOL, M VICTORY and other synthetic products.
Diluente 540 Epox
for the finishing products range boating.
Diluente 546 Epox-Poli
flow additive for various products in the boating
Diluente 530
for synthetic enamels range of boating.

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