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Finedin, a history spanning 40 years

Two generations of entrepreneurs and managers who, since the early '70s to today, were animated by the same principles and the same spirit. An innovative spirit that has evolved over time in tune with changing consumer needs and market developments.

Finedin is one of the first companies in the field of paints and varnishes for professional construction in Salento.
The sales structure and production, thanks to a policy that aims to increasing internationalization and continuous and significant investments in both production and
R & D, is constantly expanding.

In 2012 we inaugurated the new office in Taviano in Edison Street near the highway SS261 that connects Santa Maria di Leuca to Lecce, about 6,000 square meters, of which 4,000 covered and equipped on several floors according to the most modern concepts of green building and has an experimental photovoltaic system in line with a philosophy of sustainable development.
The constant attention to the highest quality, guaranteed by rigorous controls at all stages of production and efficiency of a prompt and professional service, make of FINEDIN an expert and reliable partner in any work of new construction or renovation.

In addition, special attention is also paid to our sales staff participating in specific training courses and prepared to respond precisely to the needs of the market.
Give quality to the work has always been a tenet for FINEDIN and it is for this reason that the company has focused on planning and carrying out training of technical meetings aimed to the development the skills of those who want to build their professionalism.

Finedin is ISO 9001.

FINEDIN Srl - Via Edison 46, Taviano (LE) - ITALY - P.iva 00167560754
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