Wall finishing

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Finishing and wall coverings for interior and exterior.

Finedin offers a wide choice of finishing for interior and exterior, can guarantee a high yield and a touch of style to your restoration and decoration of facades and interiors. The use of siloxane and silicate allows a long life of the coating, in addition to a strong resistance to atmospheric agents and to mold.

Silical Ravenna
Potassium silicate coating
Elastoras Ravenna

Elastomeric coating
Acrylic coating monolayer
Coated orange peel
Coating rustic effect

Silical Rasato RS

Acrylic rustic effect
coating antifissure
Elastoras Ravenna
Elastomeric plastic
Bucciato lucido
Monolayer orange peel

Silical primer
primer potassium silicate
Fuell Primer G
Bottom intermediate filler Universal

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